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Layered Hydrazinium Titanate: Advanced Reductive Adsorbent and Chemical Toolkit for Design of Titanium Dioxide Nanomaterials

Sergey N. Britvin, Andriy Lotnyk, Lorenz Kienle, Sergey V. Krivovichev, and Wulf Depmeier

J. Am. Chem. Soc., Volume 133, Issue 24, pages 9516–9525, June 22, 2011

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DOI: 10.1021/ja202053q

Publication Date (Web): May 25, 2011

Layered Hydrazinium Titanate Abstract:
LHT-9, a layered hydrazinium titanate with an interlayer spacing of 9 Å, is a new nanohybrid compound combining the redox functionality of hydrazine, the ion-exchange properties of layered titanate, the large surface area of quasi-two-dimensional crystallites, surface Brønsted acidity, and the occurrence of surface titanyl bonds. LHT-9, ideally formulated as (N2H5)1/2Ti1.87O4, relates to a family of lepidocrocite-type titanates. It possesses a high uptake capacity of 50 elements of the periodic table. Irreversibility of reductive adsorption allows LHT-9 to be used for cumulative extraction of reducible moieties (noble metals, chromate, mercury, etc.) from industrial solutions and wastewaters. Unlike sodium titanates that do not tolerate an acidic environment, LHT-9 is capable of uptake of transition metals and lanthanides at pH > 3. Adsorption products loaded with the desired elements retain their layered structures and can be used as precursors for tailored titanium dioxide nanomaterials. In this respect, the uptake of metal ions by LHT-9 can be considered as a method complementary to electrostatic self-assembly deposition (ESD) and layer-by-layer self-assembly (LBL) techniques. LHT-9 is readily synthesized in one step by a mild fluoride route involving hydrazine-induced hydrolysis of hexafluorotitanic acid under near-ambient conditions.

CAS Section: Inorganic Chemicals and Reactions


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