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SIG No. 5 News #22

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The Special Interest Group No. 5 of the ECA has been created to increase the international scientific exchange and cooperation of mineralogists and crystallographers.
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SIG No. 5 will keep you up to date on what's hot in the conference and events world, and provide you new ideas for your next scientific meeting.
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Check out these scientific events:

Physics of X-Ray and Neutron Multilayer Structures Workshop: Palaiseau, France, 7-9 November 2018.
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The 4th International Conference on Crystallography and Novel Materials: Bucharest, Romania, 19-20 November 2018.
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Pan African Conference on Crystallography: Accra, Ghana, 28 January - 2 February 2019.
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The 17th European Conference on Solid State Chemistry: Lille, France, 1-4 September 2019.
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The 9th European Conference on Mineralogy and Spectroscopy: Prague, Czech Republic, 11-14 September 2019.
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