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Crystallography of Modular Materials

Crystallography of Modular Materials

Giovanni Ferraris, Emil Makovicky, and Stefano Merlino

Oxford University Press
Copyright, 2004
ISBN 0-19-852664-4
370 pages, hardcover, 75£
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Key Features

  • First comprehensive book on the crystallography of modular materials.
  • Provides a unified treatment of results scattered across different journals and original papers.
  • Illustrates theoretical aspects with examples.
  • Offers a standard for definitions and nomenclature.
  • Presents frontier applications in materials science.


This comprehensive text is addressed at scientists who are interested in considering crystalline materials from a non-conventional but inspiring viewpoint. The book contains the first systematic theoretical and illustrative presentation of crystalline materials built from modules (including twinning) which determine and tune basic and technological properties.

Readership: Postgraduate students and research scientists working in the field of Crystallography, Structural Chemistry (or Solid State Chemistry) and Materials Science.


  • Modular series - principles and types
  • Ordered derivative structures
  • Polytypes and polytype categories
  • Application of modularity to structure description and modelling
  • Modularity at crystal scale - twinning

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