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Structural Crystallography of Inorganic Oxysalts

Structural Crystallography of Inorganic Oxysalts

Sergey V. Krivovichev

Oxford University Press
Copyright, 2009
ISBN 978-0-199-21320-7
320 pages, hardcover, $145
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Key Features

  • First book with systematic and generalized approach to the structures of inorganic oxysalts.
  • Explores simple but powerful topological techniques to unravel structural complexity of inorganic materials.
  • Covers a wide range of inorganic compounds from minerals to organically templated compounds.
  • Deals with both traditional and alternative approaches to structure description and classification.
  • Provides a unique insight into structural diversity of inorganic compounds.


This book is the first book dealing with structural crystallography of inorganic oxysalts in general. A special emphasis is placed upon structural topology and methods of its description. The latter include graph theory, nets, 2-D and 3-D tilings, polyhedra, etc. The structures considered range from minerals to organically templated oxysalts, for all of which this book provides a unified approach to structure interpretation and classification. Most of the structures have been analysed from the proposed viewpoint for the first time and it has been shown that they possess the same topological genealogy and relationships, sometimes despite their obvious chemical differences. In order to expand the range of oxysalts considered, the book offers not only traditional schemes but also alternative approaches such as anion topologis, anion-centered polyhedra and cation arrays. As such, this book can be considered as a comprehensive introduction into the amazingly complex and diverse world of inorganic oxysalts.


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