Special Interest Group No.5 - Mineral & Inorganic Crystallography
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XIX Meeting and General Assembly of the IUCr

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XIX Meeting and General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography XIX Meeting and General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography
Geneva, Switzerland, 6 - 15 August 2002

Program of the Microsymposium on "Mineralogical Crystallography" (Chair: Dmitry Yu. Pushcharovsky; Co-Chair: Massimo Nespolo):
  • H. Fuess, C. Wahl and G. Miehe: High resolution TEM of microcrystalline silica phases
  • T. Balic-Zunic *, E. Makovicky, , V. Petricek, and D. Topa: Simultaneous crystal-structure refinement of multiple phases in diffraction-coincident intergrowths
  • M. Nespolo *, G. Ferraris, and R. Hoppe: Analysis of inorganic structures through the Charge Distribution method: recent extensions
  • A. Oganov: New Al2SiO5 polymorphs: unexpected results of theoretical calculations
  • G. Ferraris*, E. Belluso, A. Gula, P. Nemeth and S. V. Soboleva: Modeling structures by modular crystallography: the layer titanosilicates
  • D. Yu. Pushcharovsky*, S.A. Vinogradova, E.R. Gobechia, S. Merlino, M. Pasero and O. Ferro: Crystal structures and topology of new Ba-borates
Program of the Open Commission Meeting on "Mineralogical Crystallography" (Special Interest Group Chairperson: Giovanni Ferraris; Organizer: Dmitry Yu. Pushcharovsky; Co-Organizer: Massimo Nespolo):
  • Introduction (G. Ferraris)
  • Structural relations in the Adelite and Descloizite structure type (H.S. Effenberger)
  • 3T-trioctahedral-micas, coexisting polytypes, cation ordering (F. Scordari, E. Schingaro, G. Ventruti, A. Rinaldi)
  • Mixed complexes in the structure of Zr-phospates and silicates (E. R. Gobetchia, Yu. K. Kabalov, D. Yu. Pushcharovsky)
  • Graphite single crystal inclusions in diamond (J. Glinnemann, K. Kusaka, J. W. Harris, H. Klapper)
  • Synthesis and characterization of an open framework ammonium-iron-gallophosphate (G. Amthauer, A. Bieniok)
  • Structure and High-Pressure transition of MgXO3 (X=Si, Ge, Ti) Ilmenite under pressures up to 30GPa (T. Yamanaka, T. Nagai, Y. Komatasu, T. Watanuki)
  • Calculation of the B-O triangle to B-O tetrahedron ration in borates (E. Parthe)
  • ECA - SIG No.5 "Mineralogical Crystallography" + IUCr Commission "Inorganic and Mineral Structures"
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