Special Interest Group No.5 - Mineral & Inorganic Crystallography
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Microstructure, Modularity and Modulations in Mineralogy

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32nd International Geological Congress 32nd International Geological Congress: Microstructure, Modularity and Modulations in Mineralog
Forence, Italy, 20-28 August 2004

During the 32nd International Geological Congress in Florence, the following symposia of interest for the SIG No.5 were in the programme of the mineralogical section.
  • G - 15.03 Crystal structures of minerals: topology and classification
  • G - 15.04 Microstructures, modularity, modulations in minerals
  • G - 15.05 Mineral engineering: from nature's lab to technologic applications
  • G - 15.06 Physics of minerals: mineral spectroscopy
  • G - 15.07 High pressure mineralogy
  • G - 15.08 Natural zeolites: structure, properties and applications
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