Special Interest Group No.5 - Mineral & Inorganic Crystallography
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ECM 26

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ECM 26 XXVI European Crystallographic Meeting XXVI European Crystallographic Meeting
Darmstadt, Germany, 27-29 August 2010

The ECM 26 will be held jointly with the EPDIC XII conference.
Microsymposia and Keynote lecture co-organised by SIG No.5
  • "Can Nature do what Man can do? The Search for Natural Quasicrystals", keynote by Luca Bindi
  • MS 14 - New inorganic materials for technological applications
  • MS 15 - Phase transitions in minerals and their planetary effects
  • MS 16 - Mineral and inorganic crystallography
  • MS 17 - High-pressure crystallography at elevated temperatures
  • MS 19 - Structure and properties of functional materials at extreme conditions
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