IMA 2010

IMA 2010 XX General Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association
Budapest, Hungary, 21-27 August 2010

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Topology of Crystal Structures

MaThCryst School MaThCryst Schools: Topology of Crystal Structures - Irreducible Representations of Space Groups
Nancy, France, 21-2 June-July 2010

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CMLM 2009

CMLM 2009 Clays, clay minerals and layered materials
Moscow, Russia, 21 - 25 September 2009

Previous meetings on clays and clay minerals were held in Voronezh (2004) and Puschino (2006). The present meeting is devoted to the study of clay minerals and layered materials and their industrial applications. Layered materials always attract a lot of attention due to the variety of chemical composition, structure and properties. Today a special interest is given to the application of layered materials in nanotechnology. The conference has an interdisciplinary character. It is aimed to join specialists working with layered materials in the different fields of fundamental and applied science.
This interdisciplinary meeting presents programming in these topical areas:
  • Synthesis, structure and characteristics of clay minerals and layered materials
  • Advanced techniques of analysis of clay minerals and layered materials
  • Physical and chemical properties of clay minerals and layered materials
  • New layered materials and nanostructures and it's applications in the industry
  • Clay minerals in soils and sediments: weathering and alteration
  • Clay minerals in the oil and gas industry
  • Clay minerals in the archeology and art
  • MS 19 - Structure and properties of functional materials at extreme conditions
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Minerals as a Treasure Trove

European Crystallographic Association Minerals as a treasure trove for advanced materials
Salerno, Italy, 21 September 2009

ECA-SIG#5 sponsored microsymposium at AIC XXXVIII congress

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MAPT Micro-Analysis, Processes, Time
Edinburgh, Scotland, 31 August - 2 September 2009

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