ECM 24

ECM 25 XXIV European Crystallographic Meeting XXIV European Crystallographic Meeting
Marrakesh, Morocco, 22-27 August 2007

Conferences (co-)organized by the SIG No.5

Keynote Lecture: Porous nanomaterials, Lecturer : Joau Rocha. Friday 24 August, 8:30-9:30
  • Microsymposia:
  • MS 11 The enchanting world of phosphates
  • MS 21 Functional phosphate materials
  • MS 23 Crystallography of Planetary Interiors
  • MS 35 Industrial process control for mineralogy and material sciences
  • MS 41 Mineralogical crystallography
  • MS 42 Nuclear waste materials
  • MS 43 Empirical evaluation of bond strength in inorganic structures
  • MS 45 Crystallography in Art and Archeology
The annual meeting of the SIG No.5 was held on Saturday 25 August 2007.

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9th EMU School

European Mineralogical Union 9th EMU School: Nanoscopic Approaches in Earth and Planetary Sciences
Munchen, Germany, 12-17 August 2007

The school was organised by Frank E. Brenker, Johann Wolfgang Goethe - Universitat, Frankfurt, Germany, and by Guntram Jordan, Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat Munchen

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41st IUPAC World Chemistry Congress

IUPAC World Chemistry Congress 2007 41st IUPAC World Chemistry Congress
Turin, Italy, 5-11 August 2007

Section 4a-4 was devoted to Structural aspects of crystalline materials (from inorganic to macromolecular).

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ECM 23

ECM 23 XXIII European Crystallographic Meeting XXIII European Crystallographic Meeting
Leuven, Belgium, 6-11 August 2006

Conferences (co-)organized by the SIG No.5

  • MS 18 Crystallography in art and archeological sciences
  • MS 19 Phase transitions in inorganic and mineralogical materials
  • MS 20 Topological aspects of inorganic crystal structures
  • MS 21 XAS: EXAFS and XANES
  • MS 22 Industrial mineralogy
The SIG No.5 organized also a plenary lecture by Prof. Dmitry Pushchrovsky on Elegant and mysterious structures of minerals.

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IMA 2006

IMA 2006 XIX General Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association
Kobe, Japan, 23-28 August 2006

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