Special Interest Group No.5 - Mineral & Inorganic Crystallography
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Post-doc en chimie du solide/inorganique: Hierarchically ordered Mesoporous Inorganic Fluorides

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Institution: IMMM (Le Mans) et IC2MP (Poitiers)

Mission (scientific project):

The aim of the project FIMO is at first to elaborate hierarchically ordered mesoporous inorganic fluorides by the modified hard-templating method and then, to demonstrate their high potential in heterogeneous catalysis of fluorination reactions of chlorinated organic substrates. This work is related to recent results which proved that it is possible to prepare hierarchically ordered macroporous MgF2 with pore diameters close to 400 nm.

Required Profile:

Doctor (PhD) in the fields of materials and solid state chemistry with maximum 3 years of experience after thesis defense. An international experience in research is required (during or after Doctorate). The candidate must not have supported their thesis in the hiring institution and not previously worked in the host research unit.
The candidate should have experience in material elaboration by the known techniques of inorganic synthesis (hydrothermal,..). Skills in structural characterization by diffraction are required and knowledge in the preparation of porous materials will be positively considered.

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