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Systematics of Natural Oxides

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The English edition of the booklet Systematics of natural oxides by professor G.B. Bokij has been published by VINITI (Moscow). In the 84 pages of the publication an original classification of natural oxides is reported. The method is the same already experienced for silicates by the same author.
As all classifications, also this one has merits and... demerits; that depends on the viewpoints ! For sure, those minerals which are in the same "table" have some properties in common.

A number of copies to be sold in Western countries has been sent to Prof. Giovanni Ferraris, past chair of the SIG No.5, in order to cover part of the expenses for the English edition. The "contribution" for one copy is 10 USD, mailing included. Please contact giovanni.ferraris@unito.it if you wish to contribute.