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SIG No. 5 News #2

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The Special Interest Group No. 5 of the ECA has been created to increase the international scientific exchange and cooperation of mineralogists and crystallographers.
Dear Visitor,
22-28 April 2012
GEOCENTER, Ă˜ster Voldgade 10, Copehagen.

PhD Course: Structural State of Minerals and its Applications.
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PhD Course: Structural State of Minerals and its Applications
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PhD Course: Structural State of Minerals and its Applications

Understanding crystal structure of minerals and applying diffraction methods for their structural characterization, quantification in mixtures and analysis of behaviour under varying temperature and pressure. Lectures and experimental work, with an introduction to modern diffractometric techniques, databases and calculation methods.

Assoc. Prof. Tonci Balic-Zunic, University of Copenhagen
Assoc. Prof. Paola Comodi, University of Perugia, Italy
Dr. Patrick Mercier, National Research Council of Canada
Dr. Anna Katerinopoulou, University of Copenhagen

Information: toncib@snm.ku.dk
Course inscription: mikala@geo.ku.dk

Preliminary program:

  • 22 April afternoon Introduction to the course and come-together.
  • 23 April Basics of structural crystallography and diffraction. Crystal structure databases.
  • 24 April Compression and elasticity, thermal expansion of crystals. Methods of in-situ high pressure and high temperature analyses. Equation of State. Diffraction measurements on single crystals.
  • 25 April Refinement of crystal structures. Basics of powder diffraction and Rietveld method.
  • 26 April Basics of computational crystal chemistry and crystal structure modeling. Phase transitions and constitution of inner Earth.
  • 27 April Quantitative phase analysis.
  • 28 April Structure complications, twins, intergrowths and polytypism. Course dinner.
Lectures are followed by demonstrations, exercises and practical work with X-ray diffraction instruments and crystallographic software.

No course fee.
Lunches and the course dinner are covered by the organizer.

Application deadline: 31 March 2012

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