Professor Position in Grenoble

There is a high probability that a Full Professor position will be open next year (starting 09/2006) at the Université Joseph Fourier (Grenoble, France) in the field of Environmental Mineralogy.

The position will be opened in the Environmental Geochemistry group of the LGIT.

Actual applications will be made in the spring of 2006 but there is a preliminary and essential deadline of October 15, 2005.

If you are potentially interested in this position (see details below), please contact Bruno Lanson as soon as possible so that he can guide you through the maze of French Administration to meet this preliminary deadline and submit a valid application.

The teaching requirements of the position of Professor in Environmental Mineralogy are to extend current mineralogy and petrography courses towards physical mineralogy, crystallography, and the physics and chemistry of electron and photon beam interactions with solids as related to materials analysis. These teaching activities should also reflect the research carried out at the Grenoble Earth & Planetary Sciences Department (OSUG) in the field of mineralogy and crystallography applied to Environmental Science and to low-temperature Geoscience.

The concurrent research activities of this position will be devoted to chemical and structural characterization of micro-divided minerals resulting from low-temperature crystallization processes using modern methods of materials chemistry and physics. The aim is to strengthen the ongoing research program existing at OSUG, by broadening the present range of expertise. Ideally the research program should contribute towards providing fundamental knowledge of the crystal-chemistry of environmentally-relevant solids, either inorganic or biological in origin, and advancing characterization of their heterogeneity. Analytical facilities available in Grenoble include synchrotron X-ray and neutron sources, transmission electron microscopes, etc.

Bruno Lanson
Environmental Geochemistry Group
LGIT - Maison des G´osciences
Phone +33 (0)476 82 80 17
Fax +33 (0)4 76 82 81 01
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