6th EMU School & 5th ECMS

European Mineralogical Union 6th EMU School: Spectroscopic methods in mineralogy
5th European Conference on Mineralogy and Spectroscopy

Vienna, Italy, 30 August - 8 September 2004

The first part of the 6 th EMU school provided an overview, an introduction, and intensive training on a variety of spectroscopic techniques frequently used in Earth sciences, i.e., UV / VIS / NIR, IR, Raman, M?sbauer, NMR, and X-ray absorption spectroscopy.
Spectroscopists of the world-wide Earth science community were invited to meet at the 5thECMS to present and discuss results of recent research.
Participants in the EMU school took the opportunity to meet scientists from the spectroscopic community.

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SMEC 2005

Study of Matter at Extreme Conditions 3rd meeting of the Study of Matter at Extreme Conditions
Miami, USA, 17-22 April 2005

The focus of the 4-day meeting was to promote interdisciplinary research in the fields of geophysics, solid state physics, high pressure physics and chemistry and materials science.

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Micro- and Mesoporous Mineral Phases

Commission on Inorganic and Mineral Structures Micro- and Mesoporous Mineral Phases: Mineralogical, Crystallographic and Technological aspects
Rome, Italy, 6-7 December 2004

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ICAM 2004

International Congress on Applied Mineralogy 8th International Congress on Applied Mineralogy
Águas de Lindóia, Brazil, 19-22 September 2004

The 8th International Congress on Applied Mineralogy - ICAM 2004 was held for the first time in Brazil in the city of Águas de Lindóia, São Paulo State. Applied mineralogy embraces numerous applications of mineralogy in the mineral, metallurgical, chemical and materials industries as well as in waste recycling and environmental assessment and monitoring. As an interdisciplinary field, it involves characterisation of a wide variety of ores, mineral concentrates, engineered materials and industrial residues, as well as data interpretation regarding the industrial processes, end products and environmental regulations.4

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ECM 22

ECM 22 XXII European Crystallographic Meeting XXII European Crystallographic Meeting
Budapest, Hungary, 26-31 August 2004

A satellite meeting on Mathematical and symmetry aspects was be held before the ECM meeting (24-26 August, same venue), organized by the International Workgroup on Mathematical and Theoretical Crystallography (MaThCryst).

Microsymposia (co)organized by the SIG No.5:
  • Mineralogical crystallography
  • SIG 8 Microporous and mesoporous materials
  • SIG 9 Crystallography of planetary interiors
  • SIG 12 Investigation techniques in mineral science

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